Technical Services

Snö Innovation has a mobile service of specialized technicians and mechanics that can come and help you with your snowmaking system 24/7. Your snowmaking will always be at its best with our fast and reliable mobile service!

Mobile services

The ultra-fast mobile repair service will allow you to avoid unproductive hours caused by immobilized and unavailable machinery. Snow guns repair service by our team of specialized mechanics allows you to avoid a lot of hassle that you won't have to deal with, like transportation or wasted time. We are the one that adapt to your status to make sure that all the repairs are done as fast as possible and allow you to manage your time in the most effective way.

Our mobile service offers:

  • 24/7 emergency service
    •Groomer repair & maintenance
    •On location service within 24 hrs
    •Available anywhere in Eastern Canada

Mobile service by Snö Innovation is made to offer our client an easy way to repair their snow maintenance equipment like snow groomers, but also snow guns and every other snow making products.

Workshop services

Snö Innovation’s service centre brings you peace of mind. Thanks to our facilities and specialized technicians, we offer the following services:

  • Upgrades on your old snow guns
    •Full maintenance
    •Various repair work
    •Major renovation work on different components
    •Customization based on your applications
    •Various cosmetic work, full paint and polishing