Design And Development

Snö Innovation has the expertise needed to allow your organization to set up its own efficient snowmaking system which will be adapted to your unique needs, whether it is with snow guns or snow towers or a combination of many type of systems.

Snow making system installation

Snö Innovation’s extensive expertise in implementing complete snowmaking systems is reinforced by its alliance with SMI, the largest snowmaking manufacturer in the world.

Whether you are renewing or upgrading your equipment or implementing a snowmaking system, Snö Innovation and SMI have the expertise to bring you durable solutions at a low cost.


Create your very own snow storm!
Snö Innovation and SMI are the number one reference in Canada for your snowmaking needs. 

More snow, faster, earlier
Produce a maximum of snow thanks to the proven technology of SMI snowguns and to our expertise in optimizing the performances of snowmaking systems. 

Reduce Your Snow Production Costs
Thanks to its automation systems and to its equipment’s sturdiness, SMI and Snö Innovation allow you to optimize your working hours to produce a maximum of snow at much lower cost. 

The Best Snow, Period!
In snowmaking, it is important to adapt to the weather. Our snowguns adapt to your needs to avoid waste of labour, water and energy and to produce the best snow possible.


All SMI snow guns can be equipped with an easy to use and very powerful automation system. Automation allows you to substantially increase your snow production and reduce your workforce by continuously maximizing usage during cold temperatures, while reducing energy waste and water.

In addition, the automation system allows you to remotely control your snow guns from your computer and tablet.

SMI snow guns and snow towers provide:

  • Efficient snow production with low energy costs
  • Optimal production at marginal temperatures
  • Sturdy and easy to use snow guns
  • Simple and user friendly automation