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Snö Innovation has got you covered all year round!

A Canadian leader in mobile snow making and grooming, Snö Innovation specializes in groomer refurbishing, sales and leasing. During warmer months, Snö Innovation turns to air quality management on construction sites. We can solve some of the most challenging dust problems thanks to our dust control equipment.



In 1999, Snö Innovation made a commitment to share its knowledge of groomer refurbishment with the rest of the ski industry, to provide Quebec ski areas with lower priced groomers. Over 200 vehicles were produced and sold in the North American and European markets. Our groomer track tests, in an authentic mountain environment, allow us to improve our equipment and ensure high quality control.

Since 2002, our new cutting edge facility gives us the opportunity to provide exceptional service in groomer reconditioning.

In 2011, Snö Innovation has established a strategic alliance with US-based SMI (Snow Machines Incorporated), the largest manufacturer of snow systems in the world. This association with the world-renowned leader in snowmaking enables us to increase our innovation in search of better snowmaking solutions for our clients.

We also invested in the research and development of snow manufacturing processes at marginal temperatures to produce large volumes of quality snow at constantly rising temperatures.

In 2013, Snö Innovation added new dustboss machines to its long list of existing equipment. This equipment is used for dust and odor control purposes on big and small construction sites. Since then, the company is now fully equipped for year-round operations.


Snö Innovation Team

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Nathanaël Golcberg

Technical Coordinator
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Keven Bordeleau

Mechanical Workshop supervisor

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Jason Trottier

Parts and Services
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